Price Guide

If you would like to use any of my existing images from this site please e-mail me the thumbnail of the image you would like use and how you would like to use it and send it to: vertmb@live.co.uk

If you would like to use my existing images on your website, personal blog or social network you may do so for free providing you link back to this website.

If you would like to use my existing images as stock illustrations in a printed medium magazines/newspapers etc the price shall vary depending on how many copies you intend to print;

  • 1-1000:          £5
  • 1001-2000:       £10
  • 2001-5000:       £15
  • 5001-50,000:     £25
  • 50,001-100,000:  £40
  • 100,000-500,000: £60
  • over 500,001:    £80

If you would like me to turn any of my current pictures into promotional material:

  • Flyers from      £40
  • Posters from     £80
  • Leaflets from    £60

If you desire me to create bespoke illustrations, animations or graphic design:

  • Original illustrations from £120
  • Artwork per hour: £20
  • Day rate: £150